Versailles – Not the Palais in France, Bistro V in the Heart of Greenwich!

Versailles – Not the Palais in France, Bistro V in the Heart of Greenwich!


Originally, Versailles was primarily a bakery specializing in French pastries, quiches, croissants, fruit tarts and opera cakes. A huge pastry counter dominated the front half of the restaurant, displaying their delicious wares. In the last 5 years, Versailles has become Bistro V, an all-day French café serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The interior has been completely and very tastefully redecorated. A bar has replaced the pastry counter.

Bistro V still makes the best croissants in town, but their menu now features full breakfasts, small plates, and lunch and dinner offerings. Party with Moms loves the happy hour experience (4 – 8 PM Sunday through Thursday and 4 -10 PM on Friday and Saturday). Whether you sit at the bar and chat with the very friendly & cool bartender Alex, or at the tables in the bar, you will enjoy half price wines, draft or bottled beers or expertly made cocktails. Add to the pleasure by ordering one of their delicious small plates, like the guacamole on raclette fondue with chips, fried calamari served with chipotle aioli and lemon aioli, or their delicious fries. The atmosphere is always friendly and relaxed.

Our favorite salad is the frisee. There are many great dinners to choose from. We tend to prefer the short ribs bourguignon, served with mashed potatoes, pearl onions and carrots, or the steak frites with bordelaise, asparagus and mushrooms. The mussels frites are awfully good too.

Bistro V still makes its delicious pastries, tarts and cakes and they are taking orders for the holidays now. You can save yourself a lot of work and impress your guests by serving V-fare for dessert.

If you have not been to Bistro V in a while, you should definitely give it a try. Marc and Evelyne Penvenne, the owners, have given it a whole new vibe and cachet. Arturo, Nolvin, Alex, Gabriella, Alejandra, Mickey, Miguelito and the rest of the staff could not be nicer. It is conveniently located on Greenwich Avenue. So if you are Christmas shopping, stop in for a relaxing cappuccino, glass of wine or champagne. Cheers, or as the French say, “A votre santé!”

Bistro Versailles 
339 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830

203 – 661 – 6634