Super Bowl Advice From Mom of the Week, Suzanne Wind!

Super Bowl Advice From Mom of the Week, Suzanne Wind!


Cos Cob Author Offers Game-Changing Advice For Super Bowl Sunday via

COS COB, Conn. — Aside from the commercials, the halftime show and the snacks, the Super Bowl offers an opportunity for teachable moments with your kids.

So says Cos Cob resident Suzanne Wind, author of “The SMART Playbook: Game-Changing Life Skills For A Modern World.” 

“The Super Bowl is a great opportunity for parents to reinforce the importance of character,” says Wind. “Even at the highest levels of competition, with so much riding on the outcome, there are brilliant displays of empathy and sportsmanship.”

One example came at the college level in this year’s contest between Michigan and Ohio State, two longtime rivals, when the quarterback from Ohio State, J.T. Barrett, was injured late in the game. “The quarterback from Michigan, Devin Gardner, came onto the field, knelt over him and gave him words of encouragement,” said Wind.

“The director of development from Ohio State felt compelled to write a thank you letter to Gardner, praising the great character he displayed. Both the picture of Gardner’s virtuous act, and the letter, went viral on social media.”

So when the Patriots and Seahawks square off on Sunday, she offers two challenges for your family.

  • List the “Top 10 Acts of Sportsmanship” you witnessed in player behavior during the Super Bowl. You can play as a team or individually, then compare notes. Examples might include: a player supporting a teammate, a coach supporting a player, a player showing respect for a coach or official or a player from one team congratulating a player from the other team.
  • At the end of the Super Bowl, choose the player or team that showed the most sportsmanship and discuss.

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