Mt. Kisco Smokehouse – The Finest Smoked Seafood Around

Mt. Kisco Smokehouse – The Finest Smoked Seafood Around


Do you know where Mt. Kisco Smokehouse is? Yes, you’re right, it is in Mt. Kisco, where its incredible smoked salmon has made it a popular tri-state destination. A family-run business since 2000, Mt. Kisco Smokehouse smokes and hand slices the highest quality salmon and other fish, including sturgeon, sable, trout, whitefish and shrimp.

But luckily for Greenwich, the next generation of the family has opened a retail store in Greenwich. While the seafood is still smoked in Mt. Kisco, you can taste their delicious products on Mason Street. All kinds of salmon, lox, nova and specialty fish are available. Bagels, cream cheeses, great bread, fresh tomatoes, guacamole and capers are options for delicious sandwiches and wraps. You can order party platters, or ask them to cater your event.

For the finest smoked salmon ever, so delicious it melts in your mouth, visit Mt. Kisco Smokehouse on Mason Street. You will want to go back often.

203 – 340 – 9856
146 Mason Street
Greenwich, CT 06830

Mon – Sat 8 AM – 5:30 PM
Sun 8 AM – 12:30 PM