QuadJobs: A Great Idea Comes To Our Area

QuadJobs: A Great Idea Comes To Our Area


Need a babysitter? Help with gardening, moving furniture or serving at a party? Math or science tutor? Retail clerk? Camp counselor? IT assistant? When your to- do-list gets too long, QuadJobs can get you the help you need.

QuadJobs is an online service that allows you to post your job description and be matched up with college and graduate students who want to do it (and have the skills to do it well). The students are vetted when they sign up with QuadJobs. After the job is done, employers have the chance to rate their employee, providing an online reference for the next employer.

The service is a great opportunity for hard-working students who want to earn money, with the added advantage of keeping track of the jobs they’ve done and the ratings they’ve received. Through QuadJobs they build a resume to use when they search for a job after graduation.

QuadJobs is a perfect match for our busy moms. Whether you need one-day help or a longer commitment, QuadJobs will help you find the perfect student to for the job. 

QuadJobs is the brainchild of three Greenwich moms: Bridie Clark Loverro (Mom of the Week, December 2014), Andra Newman and Betsy O’Reilly. The website is attractive and informative. 

QuadJobs was recently featured on Fox Business News…

Sign up, post your job, and learn more at www.quadjobs.com