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  Photo by Harry How / Getty Images All I ever needed to know about Kobe Bryant was this: that throughout our friendship, the most meaningful conversations we had — they were always about family. Put aside one of the all-time great basketball careers for a second. Put aside his...

  By Marty Olivieri – Owner of Olivieri Roofing When hearing about hip roofs for the first time, you might think it is simply referring to roofs that look cool. While that can be the case, hipped roofs are ones that slope down toward the eaves trough. There are never...

  As young Mothers and Grandmothers gladly and wholeheartedly comb the earth to find a very special something for a little relative, they might be surprised to know they have this present already. What the child most wants is their attention and time. A child’s heart’s desire is unquestionably...

  By Admissions Expert, Dr. Lowe Some people view DIVERSITY as a nebulous and intangible descriptor, a court-ordered societal mandate or, in some cases, even unconstitutional. In truth, our differences represent an invaluable asset and in the economic sense has been proven to provide an unlimited ROI. Every person is a unique individual. Yes,...