Please Consider Helping Our Friends From The Ginger Man

Please Consider Helping Our Friends From The Ginger Man


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It is with great sadness and heartache that we have temporarily closed The Ginger Man due to COVID-19. Despite an unclear path forward, we hope that this precaution helps protect the safety of our community, our friends, and our staff. We have been with you for 18+ years and hope to be serving, and joking with you again after this subsides and we enter into the new ‘norm’. Many of us have literally been here for 18 years, and are already missing you dearly as many of you have become our daily touchstones.  

We have numerous employees, most tenured (10+ years) and depend upon our jobs, and your generosity, for our livelihood. The impact of shutting down is devastating for The Ginger Man team and although we are scrambling to find ways to pay our bills, buy groceries, and care for our families, we need your help.  

We have enjoyed being part of the amazing Greenwich community for two generations and during this time we’ve weathered many storms together. We have befriended incredible individuals, families, and groups throughout the years, and always extended our hospitality to our fullest. From the Short Bus playing on St. Pat’s Day Parade, family holiday parties, anniversaries, baby showers, birthday dinners, happy hours, or for just a quick nightcap we have loved every minute. We love taking care of you and making you feel like The Ginger Man is as much YOUR place as it is ours. None of this would have been possible without the Gman Staff.  

We have enjoyed caring for you after long days and short. We love seeing you on your best days and worst. We hope you reflect upon times spent with us and respectfully request that you consider helping us, as these have become our ‘worst days’. Without warning, to lose both our jobs and our friends is a big ‘hit’ and although we are hard working and resourceful we are reaching out to you for help. 

We are sending this to our friends, our family, our patrons, anyone in a position to assist our hardworking staff get through this rough patch until we are on our feet again. All donations will go directly to employee relief and be divided amongst the 35 members of The Ginger Man staff who are now jobless and desperately trying to support their families. 

Even if you are unable to donate, please help us spread the word. Any donations to assist the staff will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for your consideration, thoughtfulness, and generosity. Although some are impacted financially more than others, ultimately, we all are being impacted and preparing for the future together.

We wish you, your family, and friends to stay well and safe in the months ahead. 

With heartfelt thanks,

The Ginger Man Team 

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