Cheers From Boxcar

Cheers From Boxcar


We stopped by Boxcar Cantina to enjoy a round of margaritas and a plate of their delicious Teepee Nachos. It was a beautiful early evening, sunny, with comfortable temperatures. As always, the atmosphere at Boxcar was warm and welcoming. We sat on their patio. The margaritas were as good as ever and the nachos a perfect combination of crisp and cheesy. Try them next time you eat at Boxcar.

TeePee Nachos – Jack Cheddar, pinto beans, plum tomatoes, Kalamata olives, sour cream, scallions, & green chiles with baked tortilla chips.

Boxcar is great at social distancing. The tables are generously spaced, unlike some other outdoor dining places that seem to have barely 2 feet between tables. Boxcar has ample umbrellas and heaters to make outdoor dining comfortable and relaxing. The wait staff and managers are always friendly and accommodating. The place is very popular every evening. We watched as more and more parties showed up for dinner; the staff was able to add tables to the patio without any crowding.

Early in the evening, Boxcar Cantina is a perfect place for family dining. Children love the food as much as their parents do. As the night progresses, and the families go home, the patio, indoor restaurant and patio fill up with adults. The patio lights glow, the moon appears, and the food and drinks are loved by all.

Boxcar Cantina 
44 Old Field Road
Greenwich, CT 06830

203 – 661 – 4774
475 – 419 – 3639