Zaniac- Ignite Their Imagination

Zaniac- Ignite Their Imagination

There’s more for your child to do after school than just sports.  We know that kids learn effectively through play.  How about some rigorous brain exercises that are really fun?  Zane Math, Lego Robotics, Chess, Computer Programming, Touch Typing, Homework Help, and Minecraft will expand your child’s brain connections – and not give him a concussion.  After school classes for children grades K-8.  No need for tryouts.  The emphasis is on science, math and technology.  The method is creative problem solving.  With lots of individual attention, peer-based learning and a number of role-model instructors, your child will gain confidence, share their experience, and discover how much fun learning can be in an absolutely mind-blowing space!  School performance will soar after only 6 weeks.

Zaniac Greenwich is also very in tune with the community.  The Greenwich co-owners hope that Zaniac will help us as individuals, parents and a community to get our kids more engaged in STEM subjects, and to make sure that our kids have the opportunity to grow with STEM.  It’s a wonderful package.

Zaniac is providing Winter Camp this February, Spring Camp in March and Summer Camp in June-August.

Weekend birthday parties for PreK-8 where kids create biomes in Minecraft, program robots, strategize in chess, or build a video game with Scrtach in Zaniac’s fun environment are easy for you and inspiring for the kids.

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