What Your Choice of Bag Says About Your Personal Style

What Your Choice of Bag Says About Your Personal Style


By Guest Columnist, Emily Roberts

Bags are great! Not only are they good fun to shop for, but they can also end up being your fashion best friend – pairing with every outfit and giving you a stylish way to carry around everything you need, whether it is your important devices like your tablet and phone, your make-up for when you want a touch up on the go, or all the stuff you need to keep the kids quiet on a day out!

Bags come in all shapes and sizes, and most of us tend to go for similar designs every time, perhaps without even realizing it! If you are someone who always picks bags in the same kind of size or color, or with similar design features, you may be wondering what that has to say about your personal style in general. Because bags are a thing that we can choose without worrying about fit or body type, they tend to be one of the ways we express our taste the most.

Here is what your bag style says about you!

Small, Structured Bags

Small, boxy bags with handles look elegant and refined, and can often be like little works of art in themselves. If you choose this style, it usually means you are unconcerned with carrying a lot of stuff around, and just like to have the bare essentials to hand – keys, phone, wallet and perhaps a few well-chosen cosmetics. This style shows that you are meticulous, in control and don’t like clutter or inefficiency, and you also love to look good!

Organized Day Bag

If you prefer a larger bag, but opt for a sleek day bag style like the well organized and beautiful day bags you can find in this great collection of Saint Laurent bags from SSENSE, then this still shows a sense of efficiency and style but at the same time, shows that you like to be prepared. Whether your day bag is packed for work, with your laptop and other important things like your business cards and sales brochures, or it is packed for a day out being a busy mom, with things you may need to keep your kids comfortable and happy, you like things in their own compartments, easy to find and with no mess or old, useless items.

Quirky Shoulder Bag

If you choose a bag that makes a big statement, for instance opting for a bright color or a printed design that stands out, then this shows that you like to express yourself and don’t worry about taking practical things like bags too seriously. If you like to flaunt a bag with animal print, a sparkly clasp, or bold designer branding, then this shows you’re a fun person who thinks fashion should be enjoyable!

Oversized Shopper

If you favor a big bag in a tote or shopper style that isn’t all about putting every item in its own little pocket or compartment, this tends to show you are a reliable person who is more interested in being able to be ready to go and having everything they need to hand fast. You may be a little prone to hoarding old flyers and receipts, but you usually have the one item somebody needs somewhere in your bag!

What do you think? Does your current bag match your personality? SSENSE is a great place to shop for all kinds of beautiful bags from your favorite designer labels, so if you are looking for a bag upgrade, why not check them out!