What Shall We Build, You And I?

What Shall We Build, You And I?


The Putnam Indian Field School’s virtual Book Fair this year featured the author and illustrator, Oliver Jeffers. His book What We’ll Build inspired the children to embark on collaborative building projects, using boxes supplied by studio art teacher, Debbie Chodoff. As Debbie said, “What child doesn’t love a box?” Each class was able to choose from a variety of large boxes, and then decided together what they would build. Debbie then provided them with the supplies, tools and recyclables they needed to create the project they had decided upon.

The children spent a week cutting, painting, gluing, and decorating their boxes. They worked diligently and harmoniously to complete their creations.

At the end of the week, their “buildings” were displayed in the main hall of the school. What creativity! Each class had come up with a unique idea and brought it to life in their own way. Even more fun was sharing their creation with others, and checking out what the other classes had made. What We Build week turned out to be a very communal experience in this time of social distancing.



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