A Venture Photography Experience

A Venture Photography Experience


Written by Marianne Riess

It seemed like a no-brainer. At a charity auction, on the spur of the moment, we purchased a photo shoot at Venture Photography in Riverside. “We’ll get some good pictures of the grandkids,” my husband said. The logistics were not as easy as you’d think, with three children in Greenwich and two in Manhattan. It took six months to get them all together in one place on a non-holiday. Venture was nice enough to give us a Saturday appointment.

As we drove there, I began to have misgivings. An hour in a studio with 5 children, ages between almost eleven and almost four? A girl and four boys? I knew my granddaughter would behave, but I had visions of the boys wrestling on the floor after the first ten minutes.

No need to worry. The photographer, Devan, put them at ease immediately. They really had fun with him. He took lots of action shots and different groupings to keep them interested. The hour flew by without any behavior problems whatsoever.

Later in the week, we met with the studio owner, Neil Hamilton, to look at the photos, which we viewed on a wall-sized screen. There were so many good ones. The auction item had included the shoot and one 8×12 framed photo. The collages of photos on the walls suggested many ways the photos could be combined to make a beautiful display. Venture specializes in creating family collages for a large wall.

In the end, we went a different route, deciding to purchase digital images that can be turned into prints, as many copies as we want. We were able to buy more prints, which we loved because there were so many great ones. Neil was happy to credit us with the price of the frame we weren’t going to use.

I definitely recommend the Venture Experience to Greenwich families. The quality of the photographs makes them worth every penny. Preserve memories. Capture relationships.

And now, the experience can be yours. Neil is making an exclusive offer to Party with Moms ReadersA 75 minute photo shoot in studio, with an 8 x 10 framed print, (a $750 value) can be yours for a limited time for only $95. Sign up by contacting Remy@partywithmoms.com. He will confirm the special offer and give your contact information to Neil at Venture Photography.