Vegas likes the home teams, who do you like?

Vegas likes the home teams, who do you like?

Party with Moms and Sportwater Beverages have an exciting NFL Championship Weekend giveaway.  Win a case of Sportwater 330 and a fresh Party with Moms hoodie!

To enter:

1. Send a tweet to @partywithmoms & @sportwaterbev (BOTH!)

2. Select the winners of the Championship games
AFC (Broncos or Patriots)
NFC (Seahawks or 49ers)

3. Submit total number of points scored in both games.
(ex: Broncos 21, Patriots 20, Seahawks 10, 49ers 15, for a total of 66)

First contestant to submit both winners AND total number of points (exactly or closest, if necessary) wins. If multiple entries have correct selections, the earliest entry wins.  Limited to the lower 48 states.  Entries must be submitted before 2pm (EST) on Sunday, Jan. 19.

Good Luck, enjoy the games and spread the word!

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