New Birthday Party Options from Chelsea Piers CT

New Birthday Party Options from Chelsea Piers CT

If you want a hassle-free birthday party for your child, Chelsea Piers is the way to go.

Event staff plan the party, provide the space, supervise the activities, serve the food, and clean up afterward. A parent’s dream!

Tutus and Tiaras (Ages 3 – 5) is a party that features dance instruction in the new Dance Academy. Children will learn primary ballet movements while dancing to their favorite music. A short performance at the end for parents allows all party-goers to shine. 

So You Think You Can Dance (Ages 6+)

A fun, active dance-based party in the Dance Academy. Children will be taught popular moves from their favorite music videos and then helped to develop their own choreography – the ultimate form of personal expression! The party will end with a casual performance by the children for parents and peers. 

Water Sports (Ages 7+)

75 minutes of water basketball, water polo, water volleyball and other pool games, supervised by their skilled party staff. This party is a response to customers who asked for more options for parties in the pool. 

To schedule a party, contact Erica Bates at 212-336-6870