This Change Was Easy

This Change Was Easy


Written By Marianne Riess

The carpet on the stairs from our finished basement up to the first floor was looking terrible. Carrying platters up from the outdoor grill had resulted in too many splashes on the beige carpeting. We decided we had to replace it before the sanitation police arrested us for being deplorable.

The terracotta tiled the floor had led us to choose light-colored carpeting in the past; often it looked soiled after only a few months. We looked at samples from another company we had used in the past, and then took the recommendation of a close friend and went to Turabian & Sariyan. Jeanie presented us with a host of different options. They had hundreds of products to choose from. We ended up selecting a striped wool carpet that would look great with the tiles and hopefully hide any future spills.

On installation day, Turabian & Sariyan owner Peter Ehnes, his son Christian, and an installer arrived. They removed the old carpeting and began cutting the new material to fit the stairs, under the supervision of our dog Lulu, who enjoyed her “outdoor bed.”

The final result looks terrific. We couldn’t be more pleased with the carpeting, the quality of work or the price. I had assumed that, because Turabian & Sariyan is an established Greenwich firm, the cost would be very high, but I was happily surprised. I heartily recommend them and will definitely use them when I need carpeting again.

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