Test Drive Your Smile with “Dr. T”

Test Drive Your Smile with “Dr. T”

Dr. George Tsangaroulis is a family and cosmetic dentist in Greenwich. Cosmetic dentistry procedures can shape, sculpt, whiten and even create teeth from scratch. In order to ensure that you are totally happy with your results, Dr. T. shows you what your new smile will look like before you commit to treatment.

How does it work? On your visit, he takes an impression and photo of your existing smile. These are sent, along with details of the proposed treatment to PreNew PreView lab in New York City. There, a realistic mockup will be handcrafted and sent back to Dr. T’s dental office where, on your second visit, he will apply the mockup to your existing teeth. You will see how your smile will look in the future without any anesthesia or discomfort.

Dr. T. can also use a state-of-the-art computer program with an advanced digital imaging system to show you your future smile on a computer screen.

A wax-up, created on the model of the patient’s teeth, not only serves as an additional physical tool for visualizing the result, but also serves as a template or blueprint to complete the treatment.

“If you’ve been dreaming about improving the appearance of your smile, we’d like to help you make those dreams come true.”

Whether you are looking for advanced, unsurpassed dentistry or just a simple, conventional cleaning, call Dr. Tsangaroulis to schedule a complementary consultation.

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