Save The White House!

Save The White House!

The beautiful sun-catching apartments that the whole town adores have been deemed unworthy of sharing their silent beauty with all boaters and for sure Island Beach Boat passengers. It is scary to think of this change because it symbolizes something enormously sad. To ignore this feels irresponsible. These are historic gems. Their architecture reveals a former way of living. The people who live in them now still love keeping this way alive. Imagining what these people were doing inside or what they were cooking was something my family and friends did every time we passed by. We loved doing this for more than half a century. The peaceful, yet lively cook outs, gentle clinking of ice and a real mix of chairs, cute table clothed tables and bits of soft music filled us with the feeling everyone loves to be a part of.

What could ever make these apartments better? Perfection is hard to improve upon. The loss of these apartments will be devastating to all the people who love their lives here. The passersby will ache and once again, such a substantial piece of history will be lost forever. This is a perfect chance to begin to stop the snowballing of demolishing beautiful places in Greenwich. Why should this be allowed?

I really think if the buildings’ owner, Morgan Jenkins, knew how so many people really feel about his beautiful and rare property, The White House (circa 1827), a miracle could happen.

On Tuesday, March 8 @ 7 PM, there will be a meeting at the Town Hall. This will begin the process for Morgan to be granted permission by the town to demolish these apartments. The plan is to put up another apartment building with underground parking. Please come to the meeting if you can. If you cannot but want to submit a supporting letter, Party with Moms will deliver it.

Please believe in a miracle. You know, they sometimes do happen.

Thank you,

Anne Martine Cook – Greenwich Resident since 1961