Roofing Components Homeowners Should Know About

Roofing Components Homeowners Should Know About


Written By – Marty Olivieri 

Every homeowner comes across roofing issues somewhere down the line. The process can seem overwhelming at first, but with a few roofing component basics in your back pocket, you can better prepare yourself the next time you need a roof replacement. That industry-specific terminology doesn’t have to be limited to those in the roofing business, so get your feet wet and keep your house dry by learning the basics of the roofing process.

Regardless of its location, the main purpose of a roof is to protect you from the elements. Knowing what goes into this protection can help you better decide what your roof needs. Black paper is first applied on top of plywood sheeting as additional protection. Underlayment consisting of a membrane serves as the sealant to prevent moisture from seeping in.

Flashing is another vital component to think about during roof replacement. Made of metal pieces and used to repel water away from dips and valleys, this material can also be manipulated to your specific tastes. Among common choices are stainless steel, lead coated copper, or a galvanized flashing. Perhaps the most well-known material in roofing, shingles, provide the top layer of a roof and help protect from harsh weather. Tile, metal, and concrete are other options for this layer.

It’s also useful to acquaint yourself with the design elements in roofing. Some elements include the ridge, which makes up the highest peak of a building. If your building has multiple ridges, it might contain a hip, or a point at which two adjoining sections meet. A valley is the meeting point between two downward slopes, and eaves are the part of a roof that hangs over a building. If you have an upper level or attic, an extruding dormer may be used to bring light in.

By reviewing these simple roofing component basics, you can be in the know about your project and go confidently forward with your plans. Whichever factors of your roof are in need of change, it’s always useful to be knowledgeable about the process.

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