Putnam Indian Field School’s Pumpkin Patch is Back!

Putnam Indian Field School’s Pumpkin Patch is Back!


For two weeks every October, children at PIFS have a glorious outdoor classroom, known as the Pumpkin Patch. The skies are blue, the air is warm enough to not require coats, the leaves are turning bright colors, and their play yard is transformed by the presence of a hay bale maze, hay jumps, a teepee made of cornstalks and over 100 bright orange pumpkins of all sizes. The children love moving the pumpkins all over the play yard using tiny wheelbarrows. They run through or climb on top of the maze. They jump from stacked bales into soft, cushiony piles of hay. This pumpkin patch offers the perfect opportunity for young bodies to stretch, jump and run.

Exploration is encouraged. What does the inside of a pumpkin look and feel like? The children taste pumpkin bread and muffins, roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin soup. How heavy are the various pumpkins? Hammering golf tees into a pumpkin is great fun and also strengthens hand-eye coordination. Pulling them out again with the claw of the hammer makes those hand muscles stronger. The children are given many opportunities to draw, color and paint outdoors.

PIFS children love their pumpkin patch, and so do their older siblings, who enjoy visiting the school at this time of the year and join the fun. What a wonderful way to celebrate the fall season.



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