Preparing Your Kids For A Big Move

Preparing Your Kids For A Big Move


Written & Contributed by – Shelley J. Forest From The UK

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Whether it’s retreating to a cozier house or relocating cross-country, many families end up making a move at some stage point in their lives. And while it may be an exciting new start, bidding farewell to a home is never easy — especially for your kids. With this in mind, here are some key ways to prepare your kids for a big move.

Get Them Involved in the Moving Process

From sorting through boxes to making arrangements with movers, it goes without saying that relocating can take up a lot of your energy. While completing your checklist is indeed crucial, forgetting to make room for your kids in your schedule can cause them to become resentful towards the process. As Party with Moms ‘What Do Children Really Want?’, receiving your time and attention is of the utmost importance to your children. To this end, you should view the move as a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your bond as a family unit. Make sure to get them involved with tasks like reading up on the new locale, safely packing their favorite toys, or even laying out the interiors of their new room.

Communication is Key

Like we mentioned, moving means starting a new chapter in life, but your kids might not understand that just yet. Since they’ll have to say goodbye to their friends and get acquainted with an unfamiliar neighborhood, moving can be more confusing than exciting for them. To help them settle into their new environment, open communication should be encouraged during your move. You can sit down with them and explain what the move means, while also encouraging them to ask questions about it. Alternatively, child psychologist Lori Woodring recommends reading books about moving beforehand. This way, they’ll have a better idea about what to expect and how to cope with this major transition.

Prepare for the Ride

You might think that stress of planning ends as soon as you’ve closed your old home’s doors, but the ride itself can be emotional (and especially tiring), too. You don’t want them sitting in your tiny car for a prolonged period of time, as this might cause some boredom and tantrums. If the drive is long (five hours or more), Very Well Family recommends taking frequent breaks — even if it’s just a museum break or a lunch stop. For this reason, you’ll want to have your pushchair at arm’s reach. Fortunately, the list of pushchairs on iCandy shows how most of them are now designed with portability in mind, making them easy to store in the back of your car (instead of boxed in your mover’s truck). Other essentials you should keep handy are diaper bags, snacks, and toys they can use for entertainment — like this Playskool Dressy Kids Doll or Hape Magnetic Fish Puzzle. 

Preserve Your Family Memories

Although a new home is truly something to look forward to, the house you’re leaving behind will have a special place in your child’s heart. On that note, you can cherish your family memories by creating a scrapbook together, and it’s one way to get their creative juices flowing. It’s best to use an album that allows a lot of creative freedom, such as this classic photo album from INNOCHEER. From there, you can fill the blank pages with your favorite pictures, and use metallic pens to write down funny memories. All in all, allowing them to document their time at your old home lets them say goodbye properly.

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