Pinot’s Palette-Stamford: A Different Birthday Party Idea for Kids

Pinot’s Palette-Stamford: A Different Birthday Party Idea for Kids

Winter birthdays can be hard. How many kids do you want in your home? For how long? And what–with outdoor opportunities limited–will they do? 

Pinot’s Palette in Stamford offers a solution. For the 6 – 12 age group, Pinot’s Palette will take your child’s unique painting of choice and teach his or her entire guest list how to paint it in a step-by-step and fun way. There is no need for a goody bag when everyone takes home their very own masterpiece they created themselves. Pinot’s Palette-Stamford provides a fun and different experience with music, a wide open space and a relaxed setting. They can handle your child’s whole class… as well as neighbors and cousins. You can bring food, cake and snacks for the party, or they can arrange it through local partners. For parents that stick around, there is a bar on site as well. 

Pinot’s Palette has an extensive library of kid-friendly paintings to give your child plenty of choices. Or they will work with you to develop a new painting specifically for your group. Pinot’s Palette-Stamford is not only great for Kids’ parties and Art Camp, but Girls’ Nights Out, Corporate Parties, Date Nights or any night that requires a dose of creative fun. 

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