Steps for Maintaining a Healthy Roof

Steps for Maintaining a Healthy Roof


By Marty Olivieri – Roofing Expert and Owner of Olivieri Roofing


Keeping a well-maintained roof over a home is one of the most crucial things homeowners can do to protect their home and its contents. A failing roof can allow snow and rain to come into the house and damage the ceiling, the electrical system, flooring and furniture. To avoid needing a premature roof installation, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the shape of the roof, or to have an annual inspection from a contractor.

There are several things a homeowner should do on a regular basis to protect the health of their roof. Remove as soon as possible any debris that is on the roof. Visually inspect the roofing surface to make sure there are no signs of sagging or areas of discoloration or mold. Address any issues with missing, torn, or otherwise damaged shingles at once. Make sure the gutters are working properly to protect against water or ice backup.

If there are any serious issues with the roof hire a roofing contractor to come out and inspect the roof. A qualified, licensed contractor will be able to offer solutions to any problems and to offer cost estimates. Never hire an unlicensed contractor as this could result in a shoddy repair that doesn’t protect a home.

If a new roof is needed, the contractor can go over the options. It is always a good idea to get several estimates and to talk with a few companies. They will go over what materials are best for the area the home is in. Keep in mind that the least expensive choice might not be the most affordable choice in the long run. Longer lasting roofs such as tile, slate and metal can provide superior protection to a home.

Steady monitoring and inspection of a roof is a prudent thing for a homeowner to do. A new roof installation, if needed, is a big project, but if done correctly it will protect the home and everyone in it for years to come.

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