Regular Roof Cleaning – Why Is It Necessary?

Regular Roof Cleaning – Why Is It Necessary?

By Marty Olivieri – Owner of Olivieri Roofing

Keeping your house clean is probably one of your biggest priorities. Though cleaning isn’t exactly the most enjoyable activity in the world, you no doubt recognize the importance of keeping things tidy and looking nice. However, if you’re like many people, you may forget about the exterior of your home, particularly the roof. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your roof has distinct advantages in preserving the integrity of this essential feature of your home. Doing so is vital not long after roof installation and over the ensuing several years.

Keep Debris at Bay

Mother Nature isn’t a roof’s best friend. High winds, in particular, will bring unwanted guests on top of your roof in the form of tree branches, leaves, garbage and other items. Left disregarded, your roof can soon become cluttered with these undesirable invaders. Not only will these make your roof and entire home look bad, but failure to remove them may eventually compromise the integrity of your roof. A ladder and broom is the easiest way to clean your roof. Just take caution and practice wise safety regulations when getting on your roof.

Takes Care of Algae and Moss

Not long after roof installation, precipitation will begin to take a toll on your roof. If you neglect cleaning it regularly, harmful moss and mold will start growing. Your first thought is that these simply look ugly, but there are worse consequences. If you don’t remove algae and moss, they can cause leaks in your roof, and you’ll soon be calling a roofing contractor to address that potentially disastrous issue. Professional cleaners will do a thorough job removing these ugly aggressors. You can also use some homemade solutions on your own.

Preserving your roof will protect you and your family. It will also extend your roof’s life decades after roof installation. A healthy roof gives you confidence and peace of mind.

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