Mosquitoes and Ticks: The Scourge of Summer

Mosquitoes and Ticks: The Scourge of Summer

Nothing upsets a Mom more than seeing red welts from mosquito bites all over her child. Children often react badly to the bites, which can get huge and wildly itchy.

And every Mom worries about the ticks that can cause Lyme Disease. Yet we hesitate to put insect repellent on our children because of dangerous toxins they contain.

Now there is NATURE’S CLOAK, an all-natural, plant-based mosquito and tick repellent. Made by Greenwich’s Turtle Moon Health, Nature’s Cloak is kid and pet friendly. The non-greasy formula can be applied and reapplied as necessary to skin and clothing without worry. It contains no DEET or permethrin.

Turtle Moon Health was founded by Kimberly and Ray DuBois. Family owned and operated, it provides nature-derived products and information for everyday natural living. Kimberly, a master alchemist, created Nature’s Cloak for her then 3-year old daughter. Thirteen years later, it still contains only top quality natural ingredients.

Nature’s Cloak is sold locally at the Audubon, Sam Bridge Nurseries, McArdle’s, and Threads & Treads. You can also purchase it directly on their website here.

Your child can enjoy the outdoors again and still sleep at night. And you can relax and enjoy the summer.