Moms Need to Take Care of Their Mental Health, Too.

Moms Need to Take Care of Their Mental Health, Too.



Here’s What You Can Do

Although motherhood is one of the greatest joys in life, it can be a complicated matter to approach. The NIH explains that mental health problems like anxiety and depression are prevalent among pregnant women and women who recently gave birth. But motherhood isn’t stagnant. And as our children grow older, we are also faced with new and unfamiliar circumstances.

In the face of constant change, moms can easily be overwhelmed. To be better for ourselves and our families, we must take care of our mental health. Read on to see how you can do this for yourself.

Pay Attention To Your Physical Health

In many ways, raising a family can detract attention away from physical health. You would probably forego exercise in favor of rest or skip power foods to serve something you won’t have trouble convincing your kids to eat. Some moms would also give up an hour or two of sleep after everyone’s gone to bed to have a moment of peace. But caring for your body is connected to better mental health.

Exercise releases endorphins, the “feel good” hormone, which improves your mood. A balanced diet also gives you enough energy to carry out your responsibilities while avoiding ailments that cause added stress. In addition, the Sleep Foundation states that regular sleep helps the brain process emotional information, better regulating your mood. Always remember that you deserve the same care you give your children. By paying attention to your physical health, you put self-love into practice.

Prioritize Alone Time

If you’re a proud hands-on mom, then your kids probably call after you time and time again — even when you’re in the bathroom. So setting aside time for yourself, whether in brief moments in the morning or an entire day once a week, is a great way to reorganize your thoughts and regain your energy.

Try to find time to be alone and do things that make you happy. Set firm rules with your partner or babysitter to only contact you in emergencies. In addition to helping you rest, this encourages healthy boundaries in your family. Your children learn from your example about respect and setting their own boundaries in relationships as they grow older. So, in addition to self-care, devoting time to yourself encourages values of mental health and self-care in your household.

The power of writing can bring healing, peace, clarity, and connection to our lives. Journaling can preserve  memories that make you who you are and bring more peace and calm to your life.

Try Online Counseling

No matter how simple or complex you perceive your situation, seeking professional mental health care can help you process your emotions and be a better individual and mom. Of course, motherhood keeps you busy, especially when you have to balance it with other responsibilities. Moreover, America’s ongoing psychiatric care shortage leaves many without resources for professional help.

Fortunately, telehealth has made mental health care more accessible, especially with nurse practitioners opening independent practices. The remote nurse practitioners in Washington, one of the top 13 states with accessible mental health care, can offer their services across state lines. Likewise, you can receive counseling from professionals from Maryland, Vermont, or Pennsylvania, which have some of the best conditions for mental health care. With online counseling, you can better process your thoughts without the added stress of time away from your duties.

All moms face challenges at every stage. By caring for your mental health and knowing the people and things that help you do that, you can become better for yourself and your loved ones.