Meet Michelle Moskowitz – Mother of 3, Greenwich Sentinel Journalist

Meet Michelle Moskowitz – Mother of 3, Greenwich Sentinel Journalist



What do you love to do with your children? How old are they? What is your greatest wish for them?

My favorite time of the day is when I am reading with my children at night. I am a reporter for the Greenwich Sentinel and recently did an interview with Diane Garrett, proprietor of Diane’s Books in town, who said that reading out loud to your children, regardless of their age is simply a glorious act.

For me, reading together brings you on a shared journey and sparks wonder and joy in a creative, meaningful and lasting way.

I have a son who is 11 and fraternal twin girls who are 8.

My greatest wish for them is to live a life fueled by passion in everything that they do. I want them to have a zest for life; to connect deeply with their family and friends; to passionately pursue knowledge; to have meaningful work, and to know that every day is a gift.

I believe that passion is the main ingredient in experiencing true fulfillment.

Who has had the biggest influence upon you?

My mother is an incredibly strong, selfless woman who has overcome many obstacles in her life. Probably the most important lesson she instilled in me is to stay strong when adversity presents itself because it will – but you can always find a way to overcome hardship with the right mindset.

What quality do you most admire in a mother?

I admire mothers who are truly present with their children and try to live in the moment, which in turn signifies that they are truly present with everything important in their lives.

Personally, being a mother is the most rewarding gift I have received, even with its vast modern-day challenges. The love a mother has for her kids is boundless and ultimately expands the capacity of our hearts, resulting in more love all around us.

Besides motherhood, what other careers/opportunities have you enjoyed? And what are your strongest qualities?

Before I got married and had children, I had a lucrative career in New York City in media, where I spearheaded the new media division at LIFETIME Television for women, implemented brand strategies for leading companies at Young & Rubicam, and ran the business development group for a luxury e-commerce company.

After building my beautiful family, I am thrilled to be back at my journalistic roots as a weekly reporter for the Greenwich Sentinel.

I have the glorious opportunity to interview and write about informative and engaging news, events and the very people whose contributions are integral in making the Greenwich community such an incredible place to live with our families, day in and day out.

My strongest quality is my positivity. I always share my favorite quote with friends and even people I just happen to meet briefly, people who may impart a negative undertone: “The quality of our lives is a result of the quality of our thoughts.” 

Were you happiest in elementary, middle, high school or college?

I have always enjoyed school, especially with a mother who was a school principal and ran the Board of Education. I have fond memories of my high school English teachers, who inspired me with their insights, encouraged me to pursue a career in journalism and motivated me to develop an internal voice. Having teachers who inspire us to find our passion within is instrumental to a child’s success.

When I went to college, I quickly embraced the privilege of my independence and my equal responsibility to work hard in my journalism program (at S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications).

Plus, I had a dual minor in Philosophy and English and got to spend my time dissecting amazing literature with erudite professors. How does it get better than that?

I also studied in London for a semester abroad which truly ignited my passion for travel and fostered an appreciation for other cultures, perhaps inspiring me to marry a Frenchman so I could always visit Paris!

I will always be an eternal student thanks to TED Talks and one of my coveted spots in town, the Greenwich Library.

What do you like to do for fun and what is your idea of a perfect day?

I find joy in almost everything; times spent with my family and friends, Yoga at Equinox, a great cup of coffee, a great interview.

I also love to dance around the house with the kids and let loose (we all love different types of music) and I love date night with my husband.

A perfect day is one that is filled with deep connections with the people that I love; the place is irrelevant. “You are wherever you go.”

What is one of your favorite books? Movies? 

Two of my favorite books that have had a lasting impact are Siddhartha by Herman Hesse and The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

I’m a huge fan of classic films, particularly anything with Cary Grant such as The Philadelphia Story and An Affair to Remember. I also love All Quiet on the Western Front and Anna Karenina.

My modern-day favorites include The Holiday, Something’s Gotta Give, and Love Actually, which my husband and I watch a few times each year, especially around the holidays.

I’m also a huge fan of Woody Allen as well as stand-up comedy. As my dear friends know all too well, I’m apt to quote a comedian from time to time.

What is your favorite type of food and what do you love to cook?

I am a total foodie and love to share a great meal with other foodie friends, but I would have to say my favorite food is sushi. It always makes me gloriously satiated.

I love to cook my Bolognese sauce because everyone in my family always smiles when they sit down to dinner and as if on cue says, “Mom, this is so good, you make the best sauce ever!” 

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Tahiti, India, Austria. I think traveling changes people in ways that nothing else can. For me personally, experiencing vastly different cultures makes us see more clearly who we really are.

Where is your favorite place to Party with Moms and what’s your drink of choice?

Dirty martini with three olives, light on the olive juice, or a nice glass of bubbly are my two cocktails of choice.

I like EastEnd because they have these decadent, old-fashioned coupes de champagne glasses. But I’m happy to be celebrating a life well-lived, anywhere that might be.