Miami-Based IV on Command Launches in Greenwich

Miami-Based IV on Command Launches in Greenwich


Natasha Nikic, a local resident, recently launched IV on Command in Greenwich.

Natasha, a registered nurse by training and healthcare executive, and her sister, Amanda, operate IV on Command (IVOC) in Miami. IVOC’s Wellness Experts and IV Concierges have become the preferred providers for celebrities, business leaders, and other individuals in the Miami area seeking to enhance their wellness and achieve peak performance.  

Residents of Greenwich and the surrounding areas now have access to the same high-end IV therapy services. Appointments can be made online ( or by calling (203) 441-1157 to have an IV Concierge provide therapy in their homes, places of business, boat, private or corporate events, or really anywhere. The IVs can be administered to one person, or to a group of people. 

The concept of IV therapy is simple. By optimizing hydration and delivering vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, IV therapy can provide numerous and rapid benefits. For people with acute illness and stressors, IV hydration can almost immediately help alleviate the symptoms of common cold, flu, dehydration, physical or emotional stress, fatigue, altitude sickness, and even hangovers. They can also help people enhance their health over the long term by providing antioxidants, riding the body of toxins, and promoting cellular regeneration.  

There are different infusions options to choose from. Basic bags include Pure Hydration, or Recovery, which can help muscle repair and healing after surgery. Deluxe treatments include Immuno Boost, Beauty Queen, Super Hydration, Muscle Head, Migraine Killer, Peak Performance and Fat Burner. Prices start at $150 and increase depending on the treatment and any add-ons chosen. For example, the Peak Performance infusion, which aids in hydration, recovery from hangovers, nausea, food poisoning, provides pain relief and a liver cleanse costs $400. Payments for services can even be submitted to HSAs for reimbursement.

In addition to helping enhance the health of Greenwich residents, Natasha and Amanda, nurse entrepreneurs themselves, are eager to employ and mentor other nurses who are interested in learning the business side of healthcare, maintaining a more independent lifestyle, and ultimately in operating their own business. They encourage those interested to reach out to IVOC.

Check out the website, for more information on these therapies or call to schedule an appointment.

203 – 441 – 1157