Meet Sara Iragorri, Mom of Two Young Boys and Dermatology Consultant

Meet Sara Iragorri, Mom of Two Young Boys and Dermatology Consultant

Photo by Classic Kids Greenwich Head Photographer, Katie Farro.

Photo by Classic Kids Greenwich Head Photographer, Katie Farro.

What do you love to do with your children? How old are they? And what is your greatest wish for them?

I have two wonderful boys, Christopher 3 ½ and Thomas 1 ½. My favorite thing to do with them is to go to a park and watch them explore the world, dig in the dirt, and really experience the outdoors. My greatest wish for them is that they develop meaningful and long-lasting friendships and find their own unique path, and are true to themselves so they can each find their own happiness. 

When and where are you the happiest? 

I’m happiest near the ocean. I grew up in Vermont, but I actually like the beach more than the snow! Growing up our family would go to the beach in Maine every summer. Now, we take our boys to the beach every chance we get to give them that same feeling, and they love it! 

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?  

I would like to go back to Italy to visit my family, since we still have aunts and uncles and cousins over there. They just cook amazing Italian dinners every night and really know how to enjoy life.

Who has had the biggest influence upon you? And what quality do you most admire in a mother?    

I don’t think I can pick just one person! My parents have been a huge influence upon me; they are a wonderful example of what it means to always put family first. I also have to say my husband is a BIG influence in my life. I admire so many qualities he has, that it pushes me to be the best I can be. The qualities I admire most in a Mother are to be loving, compassionate and patient… while finding that balance to say ‘no’ and teach their children the right path.

What do you like to do for fun?

With my family, the beach is one of my favorite ways to spend the days, I love hitting up restaurants with friends and the dance floor is always a good time!     

What is one of your favorite books? Movies?   

Favorite book, On the Night you were Born 🙂 Favorite movie, Good Will Hunting. 

Besides motherhood, what other careers/opportunities have you enjoyed? What are your strongest qualities?  

I worked in NYC for 5 years for a non-profit that promotes Mentoring. After having kids, I knew I wanted to stay home, and now I run my own business with Rodan and Fields Dermatologists (the same doctors who created Proactiv). It has been an amazing opportunity, since I’ve been able to start my own successful business, all on my own terms and it is completely flexible around my family’s schedule. It is the perfect work/life balance career for me. I would say my strongest qualities are wanting to help people, being open to new opportunities and being able to step out of my comfort zone… that’s where we learn the most.   

What is your favorite type of food and what do you love to cook?  

Italian is definitely my favorite type of food. I unfortunately don’t find the time to cook anything very elaborate these days, but I do love to bake delicious treats every now and then, because who doesn’t love seeing their family enjoy a homemade chocolate chip cookie 😉

What is your favorite time of the day and why?  

The end of the day is my favorite time. I love the last 45 minutes before my 2 little guys fall asleep, when the craziness of the day is over and we are just snuggled up reading books, telling stories, and rocking in the chair together. It’s just peaceful and relaxing family time.

Where is your favorite place to Party with Moms and what’s your favorite drink?

Recently I have had some fun dinners with my “mom friends” at Harvest on Greenwich Avenue. Champagne all the way!