Meet Hilary Gunn – Local RTM Candidate For District 7

Meet Hilary Gunn – Local RTM Candidate For District 7



Current D7 Vice Chair
Lifelong Greenwich resident
Attended local public and private schools
Graduate of the George Washington University with a degree in Criminal Justice
Currently a writer and consultant, and works as a dispatcher for Call-A-Ride
Loves playing bluegrass banjo and vegetarian cooking

Why I’m running for office:

I believe if you’re interested in state and national politics, you ought to first be involved on the most local level. The stronger we grow our neighborhoods and towns, the better able we will be to then effect change within broader boundaries. Equally as important, I love this town and her residents fiercely and hope to preserve and perfect our town’s charm and unique culture for future generations. I am proud to be a part of a body that brings government and citizenry together to create change and look forward to continuing to do so when reelected.  

Three Biggest Issues Facing Local Voters: 

  1. The ever-increasing financial burden of local labor agreements, largely unquestioned by those tasked with representing taxpayer interests. Past efforts to remain competitive have spiraled out of control, and threaten our town’s financial standing.
  2. Unfettered development that is changing the very nature of this town, and threatening the peace of mind and even safety of local residents. Developers come with deep pockets ready to strong-arm the process, constituents deserve a voice fighting for their interests.
  3. Consistently uncertain fiscal future for the state of Connecticut, making the creation and control of local spending patterns evermore difficult.

Alternate Delegate, Legislative & Rules Committee