Mom of the Week – Katharine Gray Bunoski of Douglas Elliman

Mom of the Week – Katharine Gray Bunoski of Douglas Elliman


What do you love to do with your children? How old are they? What is your greatest wish for them?

As my kids get older, I’m finding it so magical to introduce them to hobbies and passions of mine, and to see them engage and love them, too. We spend a lot of time baking together, painting, and doing art projects. They even love decorating for holidays with me! I find these little moments at home are some of my most precious.

Isabelle is 4.5 and Bennett is 2, turning 3 in April. I wish I could bottle them up! These ages are full of wonder and sweetness but it’s also so cool to see them becoming real people.

My greatest wish for them… that is a tough one! I wish for them to have long, happy, fulfilling lives. I wish they’ll have loving relationships and I dread the impending days of school-aged bullying. I am very focused on building their confidence, boundaries, and communication skills.

Who has had the biggest influence upon you?

On a professional note, Jennifer Leahy! She is an absolutely incredible leader, also a wonderful mom, and has taught me so much about being successful in this career while balancing family. I am so grateful for her guidance!

What quality do you most admire in a mother?

Definitely our ability to juggle and wear many hats on a daily basis, whether working or staying home! But most of all, the love and protection mothers offer their children. I read something recently that really stayed with me – about how really all our kids need is our love, and how just our presence can immediately calm them, no matter how old they are.

Besides motherhood, what other careers/opportunities have you enjoyed? And what do you enjoy most about your work?

Being a mom is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, but I absolutely love having a career, too! Before real estate I was in digital advertising sales for many years, but this is what I’m meant to be doing. I love helping people create their dream lives, find their homes, and envision their futures. I am also a valuable resource for my clients, since I grew up in Darien, and I really enjoy sharing my experience and perspective of living here with them.

What are your strongest qualities?

Remaining calm in stressful situations definitely comes in handy in real estate! I am also creative, empathetic, and a strong communicator.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Going to the gym or a workout class, taking my kids out for brunch (Crêpes Choupette is a current favorite), bopping around Darien or one of our neighboring towns, and ending with sunset pizza at the beach (anytime the weather is 65 degrees+)!

Favorite books? Movies or TV Shows?

I am currently reading Super Attractor by Gabby Bernstein and loving it. I am all about manifestation and positive energy these days. I hardly ever watch TV (aside from Disney+ with my kids!) but my all-time favorite shows are Modern Family, Friends, and Schitt’s Creek.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

We are currently planning a trip to Anguilla, so going to go with that! I also love Capri, Zermatt, and Paris. I could travel to any of those places forever and be happy!

Tell us what your dream house would look like and where would it be?

This is fun!! I have mentally designed my next house. It would be in Darien. My vision is a modern colonial – white with gray shutters, a beautiful entryway, lots of millwork, a large open kitchen/family room, caterer’s kitchen or scullery, formal living and dining rooms, lots of wallpaper, arched doorways, 10’ ceilings, and a pool.

Where is your go-to restaurant to Party with Moms and what is your drink of choice?

New go-to restaurant to party with my mom friends is Molto, which offers half-priced wine on Monday nights!! My favorite drink is an Aperol Spritz or a glass of chardonnay.