Bro of the Month – JD Pinto (Interviewed by Popular Demand)

Bro of the Month – JD Pinto (Interviewed by Popular Demand)


JD will be playing at Sundown Saloon this Friday @ 10 PM!

Tell us how you became so in love with music and how long you have been pursuing it as a career?

I have been passionate about music my entire life. I have been singing since I can remember and I began learning how to play the guitar before high school. I loved singing so much that during High School choir rehearsals my teacher had to continually reprimand me for singing all the choir parts including the women’s parts instead of waiting my turn to just sing my vocal section.  

I have been pursuing music as a career full time for around a year and a half.

What does typical day look like for you and what has the transition been like from a finance gig? Also, what was the hardest part about leaving a very good job and do you ever miss it?

My typical day, since I know my body is my most valuable instrument, involves working out, eating healthy and getting a good night’s sleep.

In respect to my music I treat it just like as if I was going to work at Bridgewater. The difference is that working for someone else is entirely different than working for oneself. I am all on my own and have to create my own professional path with no guarantee of an income or work.

I am my own boss. I like this part but it takes a lot of discipline and self motivation. When I am in the process of improving on my craft, I continue to focus on music theory, song writing, listening to other artists, practicing and performing live shows. I also investigate prospective locations for gigs and seek out other artists to collaborate with. Everyday is different which I like as it really helps me stay open minded.

I have not had time to miss my job in finance. I learned a lot while working in this space. In fact, I am grateful for the lessons I learned there because I use them everyday. However, I am much happier now that I am pursuing my passion.

What has been the highlight of this year and what does 2016 look like? Do you have an entourage yet?

The highlight was moving into the city, going out on my own and breaking into the NYC music scene. I’ve been fortunate to play at several very cool venues, like The Bitter End & Bowery Electric. Also, creating a website connecting with fans and writing original music was a big step for me.

I am excited about taking my career to the next level. I have enjoyed song writing. The most rewarding aspect is the positive feedback I have been getting from my friends and followers.

In 2016,I hope to write more songs, discover new sounds and perform in bigger and better venues. I don’t have an “entourage” like Vinny Chase but I have the best Mom in the world!

How many gigs have you played and where are you performing next?

Since the summer of 2014 I have performed over 30 gigs. I will perform at the Bitter End for a second time on Wednesday Dec. 9th at 8 PM. This Friday November, 27th I will return to the Sundown Saloon on Greenwich Ave at 10 PM.

What type of music are you listening to right now?

 I have had many musical influences in my life. I love the vocal styles and tone of Frank Sinatra and Stevie Wonder and from more recent times, Michael Buble and Bruno Mars.

Since I started playing guitar I have been fascinated by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, David Gilmour and Eric Clapton.  I continue to learn from them as I re-play their recordings to listen to the sounds they were able to create and how they physically performed them on the guitar.

What is your style?

My musical style combines jazz, blues and pop vocals with a blues, rock and acoustic finger style. I am constantly trying to bring a new set of influences together (blues, jazz, rock, EDM , R&B, Rap ) and make it sound good. Sometimes it’s a challenge but there are those special times when I hear music in my head and it flows out of me.

What do you like to do for fun, when you’re not playing music?

I love to golf and ski.

JD shredding it up in Schladming, Austria.

What is your favorite drink of choice these days?

My favorite refreshment is a Honey Drop. It’s an organic juice that is both healthy and tasty.

And I have to ask you, where is your favorite spot to Party with Moms?

My favorite place to Party with Moms would have to be in my hometown of Greenwich.