Is A Flat Roof Right For Your Home?

Is A Flat Roof Right For Your Home?


Written by Marty Olivieri – Owner of Olivieri Roofing

Roofing plays a huge part in giving your home the personality you love. Some design styles look amazing with wood-shake roofs while others are a perfect fit for terracotta tiles. In New York and Connecticut, it’s common for homeowners to choose flat roofs as a way to preserve some historical charm and add an artistic touch. What are the pros and cons of flat roofs?

The Benefits of Flat Roofs

For industrial chic and vintage designs, it’s impossible to beat the style of a flat roof. This type of roof pairs perfectly with brick interiors or exteriors. If you have a loft, going with a flat roof is practically a given. You turn heads every time with this kind of 1920s ambiance.

Mediterranean styles also make use of flat roofs. They seem perfect for home exteriors with terraces, patios and other open-air details. In fact, some flat roofs are designed for outdoor entertaining, letting you watch the sunrise up top while enjoying breakfast at a bistro table.

On the inside, having a flat roof lets you take advantage of maximum interior space. Rooms are larger and can have breathtaking flat ceilings that tower overhead. You can also enjoy wood beams overhead for a rustic design style.

The Care Needed for Flat Roofs

There are many reasons to love a flat roof, but you also have to be prepared for some extra maintenance tasks. First of all, it’s essential to choose a trustworthy contractor for installation. The best installers provide for adequate drainage and complete moisture-proofing, which are essential for protecting interior ceilings and walls. Investing in yearly inspection and maintenance is also smart to detect any potential problems ahead of time and repair them before moisture gets inside.

The good news is that as long as you work with flat roof experts and follow the recommended care schedule, you have nothing to worry about. You can enjoy breathtaking roofing that stands out from other homes.

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