How To Tell If Your Roof Or Chimney Is Responsible For Leaks

How To Tell If Your Roof Or Chimney Is Responsible For Leaks


Written by Marty Olivieri – Owner of Olivieri Roofing

A leak in your home is one of the most frustrating problems you can face as a homeowner. Not only are the potential financial costs of a leak extremely high, but it can also be quite difficult to tell where your roof leaks are even coming from. If you have warning signs of potential leaks in your home and aren’t sure if your roof or chimney is responsible for water getting inside, here’s what you need to do to identify the source of your problems.

Look For Warning Signs

The best way to get a quick assessment of where your leaks are coming from is to look for other signs of water in the walls. If you notice discoloration, musty smells or walls and ceilings that are softened or bulging, that is indication water is getting in. Locating these spots can help you to find the source, and if it is by your chimney or your roof.

Consider The Condition Of Both

A simple way to find the most likely culprit is to look at the condition of both. If your shingles are a mess and your chimney is pristine, your roof should be your first thought. If your roof is new and your chimney has cracks, it’s more often than not going to be responsible. This can’t be taken for granted as a guarantee, but it is a good starting point.

Call in the Pros

Checking for warning signs is a great way to get a quick handle on the most likely problems causing your leak, but the only way to be sure is to speak with a professional. By asking a roofing professional to examine your home for roof leaks you can get an expert assessment on the cause of your problems to help you find the right solutions.

Getting your roof leaks fixed quickly and correctly is a must, as any delay increases the chances of expensive damage to your home. Get in touch with a roofing professional today to schedule your assessment.

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