How To Fix Landscape Puddles

How To Fix Landscape Puddles


By Marty Olivieri, Owner of Oliveri Roofing

April showers bring May flowers, right? Well, they can also bring landscape puddles and pools, which can seriously affect your home. If you’re finding pools of water in your front or backyard it may be time to consider a landscape drain to make sure these puddles don’t erode your landscape or impact the stability of your foundation. However, what drain is best for your landscape? With several types to choose from, ask us at Olivieri Roofing for help. In the meantime, here’s some more information about landscape drainage:

Why Is My Landscape Soggy?

Many structures shed storm water off of the roof into a few downspouts. When a large storm brings heavy precipitation, a great deal of water can be deposited quickly in one spot, causing puddling. If the underlying soil is clay-like or the slope of the landscape doesn’t encourage drainage, an unwanted buildup of water can occur. Any amount of water puddling around a foundation or slab needs to be redirected.

The Solution To Pools And Puddles

A landscape drain is a great way to direct water toward a better location. There are several types of drains that work well in many applications. A simple grassy swale sheds water and may be the easiest solution in some cases. A French drain is a popular choice to redirect liquid from the site entirely. When properly installed, both of these types of drainage systems can last for many years.

French Drainage System

As mentioned above, a French drain is a great solution to landscape puddles. It’s not only effective, but affordable. So how does it work? An underground channel comprised of gravel and piping is established to direct water downwards and away from your foundation and landscape. The water can be diverted into either a dry well, a drainage ditch, or your street so that it can properly drain into the city drain system.

At Olivieri Roofing, we not only specialize in roof systems, but we can also provide French drain system installations. If you want to assess your property for a landscape drain, give us a call or click here for a free quote.

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