Hip Roofs

Hip Roofs


Written By Marty Olivieri – Owner of Olivieri Roofing

When hearing about hip roofs for the first time, you might think it is simply referring to roofs that look cool. While that can be the case, hipped roofs are ones that slope down toward the eaves trough. There are never any vertical surfaces. Everything slopes down from the highest point of the roof. They are incredibly popular with certain types of houses, so when you need a new roof installation to replace an old, worn out roof, consider getting a hipped roof.

A huge advantage of a hipped roof is that it is much better equipped to withstand extreme winds. With certain kinds of roofs, you have to do an inspection after a big storm to make sure no shingles were blown off. That becomes much less of an issue with hip roofs. It has a much more aerodynamic design, and it is fairly efficient with draining water in case it rains, too.

While hipped roofs can work for virtually any style of home, there are certain varieties where they are more likely to be found. You have likely seen a hipped roof before on a church. They also work well for cottages and ranch houses. If you do not like the way a hipped roof would look on your house, consider opting for a Dutch hip roof. In this variation, a small structure at the top assists with ventilation. It also makes for a nice decorative touch if you want a focal point toward the very top of your roof.

Hip roofs are great because they offer a number of aesthetic and practical advantages. Your house will certainly become the hippest on the block after you get one installed. Your roof installation expert can tell you more about it before constructing it.

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