Fashion Rules Every Stylish Mom Has Mastered

Fashion Rules Every Stylish Mom Has Mastered


By Guest Columnist, Clarisse Clabaugh


Moms always seem busy. In between picking up the kids from school, holding the house down and managing a career, it’s astounding how they keep everything together so well. But with so much going on, fashion and beauty can be less of a priority, and it can be tempting to live in sweats forever.

However, a survey conducted by Pew Research Center found that mothers actually feel a lot of unnecessary pressure to look good, on top of their other daily responsibilities. With that, it’s only right that we give them the recognition they deserve – not only for the amazing things they do for us on a daily basis, but for still managing to look good despite everything! Here are some fashion rules every stylish mom in your life has probably mastered.

Easy Dressing

Dresses, which come in a wide range of colors, styles and cuts, are pretty much every mom’s best friend. Not only are they easy to throw on and don’t require too much thought in mixing and matching, they are also a reliable go-to for moms who are expecting. Flowy dresses, in particular, are as pretty as they are pregnancy-friendly. They are able to accommodate and support bulging bellies without compromising style.

Effortless Chic

Jumpsuits used to be a childhood staple, but now they’ve evolved to be a favorite for all ages –even moms. Californian Sharon Garofalow wrote on Cupcakes and Cutlery that she loves jumpsuits because they cater to her busy lifestyle. Sure enough, they allow moms to spend less time in the morning thinking about what to wear. At the same time, jumpsuits are also surprisingly versatile. A blogger on The Mom Edit claims she likes to wear jumpsuits at home, where comfort is the priority. She can move freely, whether she is doing chores or simply lounging around. One thing’s for certain: a jumpsuit is effortlessly chic wherever you take it.

Comfort is Key

P.E. Nation Founders Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning told My Domaine that their everyday wear has to provide an easy transition between running around with the kids and going to work. “Generally, as long as it’s stretchy, washable and easy to run around in, it’s likely to be a go-to,” they shared. In the past, even the infamous mom jean has garnered a bit of a reputation, but it’s safe to say that today’s styles have evolved well beyond those 80s cuts. The stretch jeans highlighted on Woman Within emphasize modern features like five-pocket styling and a relaxed fit, while still maintaining that well-loved classic denim look. If there’s anything moms have proven, it’s that comfort can be very stylish too. 

Subtle Statements

Whether it’s a pair of colorful earrings or a bright red handbag, stylish moms know how to elevate their look without going too far. Scarves are a favorite accessory and look good in any weather. Peruse your local Zara for timeless shades, or Montepicaza if you’d like something with a little more unique elegance.

About the Author

Clarisse Clabaugh is a former stylist and fashion writer who now spends most of her days chasing after her three sons and adorable dog, Sophie. She enjoys sewing and urban gardening on her free time.