Every Child Is An Artist

Every Child Is An Artist


Every year, parents and staff are amazed at the art the children of Putnam Indian Field School create for their Art Show. This past weekend was no exception, as the school was transformed into a very colorful art and science museum. The children work very hard on their creations. Some are individual expressions; others are the result of longtime group projects.

An example of a long-term project was one Pre K’s “cleaning and security robot.” It involved input and involvement from every child, the use of only recycled materials, and made every parent wish to have one for their home. To accompany this group project, each child made his or her own little robot from a milk carton.

Another Pre K project evolved from the children’s interest in and knowledge of lighthouses. They discussed the purpose of a lighthouse, and differences in their design.

In individual stories and portraits, children explained what they loved about their families, and then represented their families in front of a colorful backdrop they had painted.

In the art studio, the children had been offered many colors of acrylic paint to use as they wished. The results were stunning.

In the Connecting classes, each child chose an animal or bird from the surrounding area and studied their habits and habitats. They wrote stories about their animals, drew and painted them and created incredible sculptures of them as well. These sculptures will be keepsakes for their families forever.

Here are some masks made by a 3-year-old class.

A communal painting by a toddler class had parents bidding to own it. The children used many unusual implements to paint with. The photo shows two children painting with a very large feather.

All the children’s efforts went to benefit a charity they have adopted: Heifer International, which donates pregnant animals to poor villager in underdeveloped countries. They made sure their parents understood how much that organization means to them by posting their thoughts all through the show.

Mommy and Daddy want to see our art, and we want to help the people who don’t have things to have things and be happy forever.” 

“Mommy and Daddy are bringing money to help the poor people. This money will help them get animals with babies in their tummies, and then they will have food to eat. When they have extra food, they can sell it and make their own money. School is really expensive and they will have money for it. I am happy my Mommy and Daddy are coming to the Art Show.” 

“A good thing would be for the poor people not to be sad. We are going to help them with our money from the Art Show. They will get goats with babies in their tummies so they will have so many goats. The goats will make milk and they can make cheese. They will sell it to people and then they will get money and won’t be poor ever again.”


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