Great New Gifts By Girls For Girls!

Great New Gifts By Girls For Girls!


Meet Ellie and Annetta, good friends and Greenwich Country Day School rising eighth graders who have started their own jewelry business. They combined their names to call their business is “Elletta.”

The enterprising young teens design beautiful made-to-order bracelets and rings.   They have also created their own website. Interested buyers can visit the site to choose their colors and styles. You might like these alternating color bracelets (or rings) …

Or you might go for something a little fancier.

The girls have beads in every color. You just have to let them know which colors you would like (for example, you might want a 4th of July combo of red, clear and blue) and then indicate the pattern (for example, 3 reds, 2 clears, 3 blues, repeat). Whatever you choose, they will be happy to make it for you.

Ellie and Annetta’s lovely jewelry is available through the website but if you need something today, you can also find their ready made bracelets and rings at Splurge at 39 Lewis Street in downtown Greenwich. They make terrific gifts.

Visit their website here