Finn & Jason Make Marianne’s Day!

Finn & Jason Make Marianne’s Day!


After the long winter and all the spring rain, my car looked tired and worn. Every time I went to the car wash, it would immediately snow or rain and the car would get streaked and dirty again. For Mother’s Day, my Godson gave me an unusual present – a car detailing by East Coast Auto Detailing, one of his advertisers.

Finn and his helper Jason showed up in my driveway at 8:00 AM on the appointed day, and immediately got to work. They power washed, waxed and polished the car, vacuumed and cleaned the rugs, and the leather seats. They got all the dirt out of the tire treads and made the wheel spokes shine. Under the hood, they spit-shined the engine and other parts until you could have eaten a meal on them. My trunk was pristine.

All this was done with no interruption for me. I didn’t have to go out of the house until they were finished. Everything they use is on their truck, including water, so there is no need to pull out hoses. The whole process was totally convenient… And my car looks fabulous!

East Coast Auto Detailing uses eco-friendly products. They do the work at your home or office. The whole experience couldn’t have been easier.

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