Original Contemporary Dining Tables Available Through Party with Moms

Original Contemporary Dining Tables Available Through Party with Moms


"face to face" $5,200

“face to face” $5,200 + cost of glass – seating 4 to 6 people (glass sizes 4′,5′ price range $400 – $500).


"three monks" $4,200 + glass (glass sizes 4',5',6' price range $40 -$1,200).

“three monks” $4,200 + cost of glass – seating 4 to 8 people (glass sizes 4′ 5′ 6′ 7′ price range $400 – $700). Also “four monks” is available $6,500 + cost of glass – seating 9 to 12 people (glass sizes 8′ 9′ 10′ price range $800 – $1,000).


“petite samurai” toddler table, $2,400 (also available with three trays, $3,400).



About the Artist, Blair Cook:

Summers of the 50’s and 60’s living in Bradford, Vermont nurtured the artist’s sensibilities and experimentation: building first workbench and treehouse, exploring third growth woodlands, pouring concrete for the first time to repair the barn foundation, attempting to fly by jumping off the chicken coop roof, and cloud spotting lying in freshly cut hayfields.

Forward to the 70’s: off to Bennington College to work in painting and sculpture; beginning to experiment with concrete as medium for sculpture; BA ’75. One year at Harvard Graduate Design Program. Transfer to Yale for Graduate Architecture; Thesis Project Professor Frank Gehry, minor in Concrete Furniture Design; Masters Architecture ’80.

Design/Build Firm 1980-2005 in Greenwich, CT. Some notable projects: design and construction supervision, Putnam Indian Field School; Director of Design and Construction for restoration & alterations to President Grant house, North Salem, NY; co-designer for Brunswick School building on Maple Avenue (now the Pre-School).

2005 – Present: Concentration on furniture designs, using concrete, wood and glass. Continuing to create new designs and experiment with casting elements.

Fun Facts…

  • each piece cast to order
  • limited to 12 plus artist’s proof
  • delivery and setup within Greenwich and surrounding areas by the artist
  • can be shipped worldwide
  • glass shipped by vendor
  • concrete is lightweight and available in different colors

incentives for interior designers & architects

Contact :
email – remy@partywithmoms.com
phone – 203 – 219 – 8233

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