Casting a Spell

Casting a Spell


Rosie was in her crib as her mother, Evelyn Wood finished emptying the dishwasher. The view from the kitchen was of a nondescript day, with a few birds singing a bit. Yet, Evelyn knew spring was coming and she adored thinking about spring.

The familiar clinking of glasses and cups and pinging of silverware being put away made Rosie “ooh and ahh” and giggle. Evelyn and the other children could hear her in her room up the back stairs.

“Mommy, I can’t find Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel! I have to bring it back today or I will owe a million fifty thousand dollars.”  

Charlie and his sister Jane wanted to get to school early because Tommy Jenkins was bringing in his kitten. The misplaced library book and Jane’s missing tote bag were delaying them. Evelyn found the book under the orange pillow on the couch and pointed to the tote bag on the back of a chair in the kitchen. Evelyn’s husband was in a hurry too. He was running around trying to find his keys and yet he was humming.

“Maybe they are in the jacket you wore last night,” Evelyn suggested. Wonderfully, there they were. Evelyn could hear her ten month old, Rosie blissfully happy and babbling every utterance she knew, to all of the things in her sunny room.  

“Bye, Mommy. Thanks for finding my bag.”

“Bye sweetheart,” Harry called. You are amazing!”

“So great you found the book,” Charlie exclaimed. “Thanks a lot. See you later, Mom.”

“Goodbye, angels. Enjoy your day,” Evelyn called back. “Have fun with Tommy’s kitten.”

The car roared away and the house was suddenly, miraculously still. Flying up the back stairs, Evelyn scooped up Rosie.

“Oh my little love. How I adore you.“ Evelyn felt that it had been too long since she had last hugged Rosie. Rosie gurgled with happiness.

“Dear Rosie, I think you put a little happiness spell on the house and us the second you wake up. I am under it, my little doll, thank you.”

Smiling Rosie nestled her head on her mother’s shoulder.

“How about after a little bath we pay a visit to the park?”

“La la la la,” Rosie said showing her two-tooth smile.”

The bath water was perfect and Rosie giggled and gurgled. Evelyn dried off her little girl and put Rosie in a little red and white striped dress. As she tied her tiny red sneakers, she felt that she was the luckiest mother in the world.

At the park, geese bigger than Rosie walked up. Rosie laughed out loud. Trying to touch their gray-feathered backs, she tumbled over onto the soft spring earth.

“La la la!” Rosie bellowed in her ten-month-old way.

At a nearby picnic table, Evelyn set out a little cup of applesauce and a few bits of strawberries. Rosie cooed with pleasure over the impromptu tiny feast and Evelyn felt deeply touched. The simplicity of this perfect little time made it possible for Evelyn to feel her life’s value and treasure it. The happiness spell-making gift was working.

Little calamities happen in every house. Evelyn’s kindness and calm temperament set a beautiful tone for everyone. Rosie happiness was a mirror of Evelyn’s. Both made everything better for the Wood family. The lost book, tote bag and keys were found without any loss of energy from fretting or blaming. There was even a bit of humming.   A happiness spell was spreading everywhere.

Anne Martine Cook has 40+ years experience teaching nursery school children.