❤️ Remembering Carolyn Tarpey ❤️

❤️ Remembering Carolyn Tarpey ❤️


Very sad news came to Party with Moms this week – our longtime friend, Carolyn Tarpey lost her months long battle with Covid and cancer. Carolyn was well known to many people in Greenwich, including Remy, Marianne Riess and Anne Martine Cook all of whom write for Party with Moms. Here are some of our thoughts.

Marianne – I have known Carolyn Tarpey for 35 years. I first met her when she was the loving nanny for two boys who attended Putnam Indian Field School, the nursery school where I worked. When the boys were old enough to be in school a full day, Carolyn became a half day nanny to a baby (Remy) of one of the teachers at the school (Anne), which lasted until he was old enough for nursery school himself. Over the years, Carolyn worked for a small number of families, many of whose children attended our school. In fact, we used to joke that hiring Carolyn as a nanny ensured acceptance to our school, as we trusted her judgement and knew that if she liked the family, we would like them too. She was warm and caring with all her charges, and they loved her. Many of her relationships lasted years and years, long after the children needed a nanny. She thought of them and kept in touch always and attended their birthday parties and milestone events. After caring for other people’s children for many years, Carolyn was ready for a child of her own. She traveled to Kazakhstan to adopt Henry. We followed her journal entries carefully every day, and celebrated with her when she brought him home. Eventually, I became the head of the school, and Carolyn would give my name as a reference when she needed a new position. I could always enthusiastically extol her virtues, not only her warmth, but the care, attention and love she gave to the children in her charge. She was an advocate for them. The love of her life was her son Henry and she worked hard to give him everything he needed emotionally, educationally and socially. My heart goes out to him.

Anne – I was the luckiest person to have Carolyn take care of my baby, Remy Cook, so I could return to work. This was for two and a half years, thirty-three years ago. She babysat for Remy for years, too. Carolyn loved him as much as a human being can love and did until she drew her last breath. As a very young nanny she was so open to our very playful child, slightly ad hoc child rearing and loved each hour, inside or out, with our baby. She taught us so much and let us feel more confident all the time with our new little person. We know this is how all of the parents and dear charges felt and continue to feel. We loved Carolyn dearly and deeply and always will. Carolyn’s love of children, their parents and happiness has touched us so deeply. We will always think of this rare person smiling and hugging us and being so happy to see us. It is with great sadness I write this little message.

Remy – Carolyn was so alive and incredibly special and loving. It really has not sunk in yet that we will be not able to see her again. Just this past fall I was helping Carolyn and Henry, trying to find them a new, more spacious apartment in Greenwich. My heart goes out to everyone who knew Carolyn, especially her family and her beloved Henry.

A Gofundme page exists to help with Carolyn’s medical bills

and provide for her son, Henry.

Carolyn’s wake will be open to the public.

Monday, April 5th from 4 – 8 PM

Leo. P Gallagher Funeral Home – 31 Arch Street, Greenwich.