Bridget O’Brien, PR & Events Specialist- No Celebration Too Big or Too Small!

Bridget O’Brien, PR & Events Specialist- No Celebration Too Big or Too Small!

What do you love to do with your children?  How old are they?  And what is your greatest wish for them?

I own a PR and Events Firm that produces many charity and red carpet events and I bring my children with me to as many events as I can.  You will see them on the red carpet with my husband Frank and me.  Since many of the events are charity I explain to my 4 year old Fallon why we are having the event and what the cause is.  This teaches her about giving back.  I think it is important to instill these values at a young age.   I love that I can go to work and have my kids there.  My daughter has even gotten booked for modeling jobs by fashion clients because of her love of posing on the red carpet.

Fallon is 4 and Desmond is 1.  My greatest wish for them is that they do what their passion is and it truly makes them happy.  I have worked at jobs in the past before I did Public Relations and they did not fulfill me.  I know many people who live out their lives in careers that make them miserable.  I want my kids to find what they love and go for it.

When and where are you the happiest? 

I am happiest on a quiet beach with my husband and 2 kids, acting like a kid surfing and building sand castles.  It is such a difference from my fast paced job.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would like to go to a beach anywhere with my whole extended family and just enjoy the ocean and each other’s company.  It isn’t often that my whole family has the time to spend together.  I would like to have all my loved ones together at a location that I love and that makes me feel relaxed and happy.  

Who has had the biggest influence upon you? And what quality do you most admire in a mother? 

My biggest influence is my own mother Kathleen Hanretta.  I think of how hard she worked and the sacrifices she made for my sister Kelly and me.  I am truly amazed.  I did not truly realize all she did until I was a mother myself and reflected on my childhood.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love donating my time to charities I am on several boards and committees.  I also enjoy a good meal at a great restaurant, surfing, and wine tasting.

What is one of your favorite books? Movies? 

My favorite book is HERE IS NEW YORK by E.B. White. 

It is a classic simple book which is a love poem to a city where no one should come to live, White wrote, “unless he is willing to be lucky.”

My favorite film is To Kill A Mockingbird.  I remember the first time I saw it in my 9th grade class after we had read the novel.  Every time I see that film it leaves me with such an impression of gratitude that I live in the era I do now.  I hear that they are remaking it and it scares me a bit.  I hope the film will do as much justice for the youth of today as the old one did for me.

What do you feel is one of your strongest qualities?

My strongest quality is that I am very organized.  It helps in the line of work I am in as well as running a household with 2 kids.

What is your favorite type of food and what do you love to cook? 

Favorite food—I love sushi and a Lobster dinner.  I love to cook many things.  I am an Irish Gal but I make amazing Tomato sauce, pasta dishes and meatballs.  Many of my Italian friends give me props! 

What is your favorite time of the day and why?

My favorite time of day is when I sit at the dinner table with my 2 kids and husband and we just talk about how each other’s day went.

Where is your favorite place to Party with Moms and what’s your favorite drink? 

My favorite place to Party with Moms is at one of the many charity events I host.  There is nothing better than seeing a woman who works hard all day at her job and with her kids hit a red carpet all glammed up for a good cause.  My favorite drink is a Strawberry-Coconut Mojito.

Bridget has produced major events for charities, brand launches, movie premieres, and many other high profile events.  Bridget represents TV stars and personalities, recording artists, brands, fashion designers, dining and nightlife establishments, law firms, Broadway shows, non profit organizations, and authors.  No celebration is too big or small!

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