Meet April Bauza – Mother of Two, Loves Fun, Beach Life & Travel

Meet April Bauza – Mother of Two, Loves Fun, Beach Life & Travel


What do you love to do with your children? How old are they? And what is your greatest wish for them?

I am blessed with 2 little blondies. Lilly is 5 going on 15 and Serena is 2 going on 10.

Both of my girls have big personalities and love to perform. My favorite thing is watching them choose a “look” out of the costume bin, or anything they find around the house and see as a must-have-piece, and passionately sing and dance around like future stars.  It is so hilarious to watch and I laugh and laugh, but it also makes me proud that they have such confidence at a young age.

My greatest wish is that my girls fulfill their dreams in life and never look back and say, “I wish I would have…” I also hope that they stay grounded and always remember the values that my husband, Ramon and I instill in them.

Who has had the biggest influence upon you?

My parents are both amazing and they have impacted my life very much. My mom did everything for me when I was growing up. She was the perfect mother and as a child I never appreciated everything. Now that I am an adult, I look back in amazement and hope that she knows how grateful I am. My dad was in the military and to this day is still a hard worker. He was very strict and taught my sister and me to be respectful, humble, confident, and to always remember where we came from.  

I cannot forget my Grandma Ovila, my forever-favorite person in the world.  She was the kindest, most loving person. The memories from my childhood that are the most special to me are from spending time with her in Wisconsin. My dream is to one day make my future Grandchildren feel so special the way she made me feel and to give them as many beautiful memories as she gave me.

What quality do you most admire in a mother?

Mothers are Superheroes in my eyes. They are the most amazing people. It is impossible to pick just one quality. I’m always envious of moms that can juggle so much and NEVER complain. I catch myself complaining a lot, because let’s be real, kids are hard work. But I have to stop, check myself, and remember that I am blessed and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The tantrums and lack of sleep won’t last forever. Patience. That’s a big one. The Superhero Moms that have an endless amount of patience, can you send some my way? I could go on and on and on… all mothers are amazing. Kuddos to all of us!

Besides motherhood, what other careers/opportunities have you enjoyed? And what are your strongest qualities?

When I first moved to NYC I worked in advertising and event planning for a publishing company. Currently, I am finally pursuing my dream of acting and working in the entertainment industry. I’m in the beginning stages taking classes, BUT if anyone ever needs me for something, call me! wink, wink…

I truly feel that I can get along with any type of person. I’m always kind, “professional” and accepting.  

Were you happiest in elementary, middle high school or college? Please explain why. 

Gosh, I loved high school and college so much! My friends from high school are my family because we all grew up together in a small, country town. College, however, was my favorite. I went to a school that was big into sports, especially football. GO GATORS!!! Coming from a small town it was such a rush for me to be around so many people and feel alive. I learned how to be independent and responsible, but I also had the best time of my life and experienced everything that a big college is about. I always say that I wish I could go back and experience it all over again.  

What do you like to do for fun and what is your idea of a perfect day?

I love the beach. Anything water related makes me happy. I’m fine to just sit and veg all day on a beach chair and enjoy the hot sun, or get in the water and wakeboard or snorkel… as long as I’m on a beach. I also like to travel. I am happy to go anywhere. Literally. If any of my family or friends want to take a trip, they know they can call me up and I’m up for it. It’s a lot harder now with 2 kids, but if I can make it work, then let’s do it!

A perfect day would be getting to sleep in (isn’t this true for all moms?), take a hot yoga class, and then meet a friend for a big breakfast that must include pancakes, bacon and coffee. After that, I’m happy to do anything… drive to explore a nearby town, attend a local festival or fair with the kiddos, grab daytime margs with friends, lay on the beach… those are all great things and would definitely make for a perfect day.

What is one of your favorite books? Movies? 

Oh geez, the last time I read a good book was… it’s so embarrassing that I can’t remember. On the other hand, I am a movie buff.  There are a few feel-good movies that I can watch over and over again. 16 Candles, You’ve Got Mail (currently watching on this gloomy Sunday and it makes me so happy), 10 Things I Hate About You, Hitch, The Parent Trap (the original of course! I know every line) and Something’s Gotta Give are a few of my favorites. I also love action movies like Man on Fire, Blood Sport, and Bad Boys II.

What is your favorite type of food and what do you love to cook?

I love a good chicken parm and hot, crispy truffle fries. Oh, and anything fried (don’t judge)! I will admit, I cannot cook. I’m terrible in the kitchen. My husband likes to poke fun and tell people I can’t boil an egg, which was true until recently. However, I’m learning little by little each day. The kitchen is very intimidating to me and I’m always impressed with people who are amazing cooks because it truly is an art.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I love to travel. I used to travel a lot until I had 2 kids, but my love for it and the urge I have is stronger than ever. I’m ½ Filipina, so going to the Philippines is on the top of my list. It would be such a special trip seeing my mother’s side of the family and exploring the different parts of the country. I also dream about going on a safari in South Africa and spending the night in a glammed up luxury tent, exploring Switzerland and taking photographs of all the beautiful mountains, riding a cute bicycle in Tuscany and stopping to sip delicious wine, and of course sleeping in one of those huts on top of the clear water in Bora Bora. I want to hang a large world map on the wall in my house and take a dart and throw it. Wherever it lands, that’s my next trip. One day I’ll do this. Traveling is good for the soul. It’s my reset button in life.

Where is your favorite place to Party with Moms and what’s your drink of choice?

Anywhere in NYC! The city is where my heart is, even after  2 years in the ‘burbs.

BUT when I partayyyy with my Mommy friends in Greenwich, I like to go to Le Penguin so I can hear the birthday song (hahaha), Bar Taco and Boxcar for delicious margs, EastEnd for fun people watching, and the outside bar at J House in the summer to feel like I’m in NYC.

PS- Can someone please open a fun bar in Greenwich where we can dance??!!?

My 3 go-to drinks because you can’t just have 1: Rose, Miller High Life (I love me some Champagne of Beers), and a spicy margarita on the rocks with salt.